Monday, June 30, 2008

Incredible Memory

Ian has a great memory for places. The post is full of non-descript, crumbling, tan colored buildings. He recognizes the turn for pool and you can't see the pool from the turn. In fact, the turn is easy to miss. We have only been to the pool a few times (3 I think). He also recogizes the Pet Care Center as soon as we pull into the lot that we park in when we go there. The Pet Care Center is on the other side of the fence from the lot and again, it is not noticeable. Another example, we parked in a lot where Curt had a meeting and waited for him outside. Ian saw a cat in the bushes. That was the first time we ever went there. The second time, as soon as we pulled into the lot, he pointed to the bushes where the cat had been and said,"Tat!"

He certainly didn't get this ability from either of his parents!


Connie said...

Smart boy! Kids may not have vocabulary right away, but their brains are full on, all the time, from day one! What they retain is amazing.

Cairo Mama said...

When he talk more, he can be my navigator!