Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breastfeeding: The Great Toddler Silencer

Another reason for breastfeeding a toddler is the ability to silence them when nothing else can. After Gymnastics class, we went to lunch with another mom and her two year old. Ian and Mateo thought it would be fun to have a screaming contest. They were screaming and laughing at their loudness. The manager came over and told us to quiet them down. We told them to be quiet. I physically covered his mouth. Tried to keep shoving food in and finally nursed him. He calmed down and fell asleep. With Ian out the game the other boy calmed down as well.

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Connie said...

The mom-i-fier works again! Sometimes loud, wild, and unusually unruly behavior is a sign of stress or tiredness - even when the child is very (too) happy; not just sad or frustrated. It's 'too much' of whatever. Nursing is an instant escape. Good save! :-)