Monday, April 30, 2007

Product Review: Target MiniStars vs. Robeez

Target Shoes:

Robeez Shoes:

Go to any gathering of young children and you will see a wonderful assortment of soft leather shoes in bright and fun designs from Robeez. My sister bought Ian a pair of Robeez that are black with green fire-breathing dragons complete with red flames. Not only are they cool, but they are easy to put on and they do not come off. They are great shoes, but are they $26+ great?

Target has a knock-off version for $12.99. I bought some simple brown shoes for Ian. Like Robeez, they have shoes with animals and other designs, but I went with plain brown because that is what they had in his size and I needed something to go with his brown-toned clothes.

Target shoes are a little bigger, not quite as soft and the elastic is a little tighter than it needs to be (Ian gets red marks from them sometimes, but it doesn't seem to bother him). I think I will try to stretch the elastic a bit. Another problem with the Target shoes is limited selection. I had to go to three Targets to find the shoes I wanted in his size because the section was cleaned out.

On the other hand, Robeez has a great selection, maybe too great. It can become an addiction. You either need a benefactor to buy them for you, or you really need to limit yourself because it is a lot of money for shoes that won't be worn very long.

When Ian outgrows his Robeez, I will probably buy ONE pair in the next size, but limit it to that. I will probably buy another pair Target shoes also so he has two pair in each size. Bottomline, Robeez are better, but Target shoes are fine, so think about your budget as you decide to purchase.

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anne said...

I wonder who has an addiction in our family?
Stella might have a pair to hand down to Ian...I'll see what boy friendly ones we may have lying around!