Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode to Pediped Flex! Sandals

Update on May 3, 2009: His sandals still fit! I will get at least part of the summer, if not the whole summer out of them because they are still in great shape.

Original review:

Yes, I am indeed writing another (children's) shoe post. I do love children's shoes (I don't buy lots of shoes for myself, though).

Ian has worn his Pediped Flex! sandals every day since they arrived in early May. He loves them so much that he refuses to wear regular shoes. I figure he has another few weeks and then he'll need to transition to regular shoes. They have been well-worn by a rough and tumble boy for rough and tumble play. They've gotten wet and are still looking good. The toes are a little scuffed, but you could probably polish them up a bit if you cared to do so. I have not taken any special care of them and they are still in great shape. Well-worth the cost.

I think a good pair of brown leather sandals are the perfect summer shoe for boys. They are are dressy enough for dressier events and tough enough for everyday play. Brown goes with just about everything. The flexible sole is comfortable and durable and the leather upper protects the toes and looks great. What more can you ask for in kids sandals?

I have a cute pair of Pediped camo tennis shoes for Ian to wear next. They are still a little big on him, but will be adorable in a month or two.

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