Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sliding with Daddy


Connie said...

He is doing so good! I am always happy to see parents who get their kids used to the water and work on drown-proofing. Sounds like such an obvious thing, right? It's not. I grew up in Florida and saw too many people let their non-swimmers out to run free and get in trouble. I'm not paranoid, but this is basic safety! (not to mention, it's more fun when you're not scared.) Watching non-swimmers near water, to me, is like watching unrestrained kids in cars.

If you are near water, you can end up IN the water.. I don't care how careful you are. Ian may not be a 'real' swimmer yet, but chances are, if he fell in, he'd not be terrified and would be more likely to get out. It's good to see him so confident!

Parents should teach their kids to be comfortable in water, and if they cannot swim themselves, they should also get swim lessons! (sorry - I was at swim lessons with my kids yesterday and overheard some non-swimming parents talking... ok, good they were there, but.. urg.. sorry, ranting about a pet peeve!)

Mama Seoul said...

I think swimming is definitely a life skill that parents should make sure their kids learn. Plus, it is so much fun! I like that the baby swim lessons teach pool safety from the very beginning. Ian still has to be closely supervised, but he it pretty good about waiting for the signal to come in the water.