Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Deflated

Ian's birthday party is Saturday. I invited 5 little kids + 2 siblings. Everyone said they were coming, but in the last few days, 2 families have had issues come up where they can't come. So that is 3 kids definitely not coming. Two other families are traveling and get back on Friday so I am afraid they might not come, even though they said they were coming. Only one family is coming for sure. Ian doesn't know the difference, but I feel lame. Things happen, but i wish they weren't happening for his party.

In my last minute panic I was thinking of inviting some other kids, but I don't want people to think they are being invited just for gifts. Ian doesn't care about gifts, yet. With what my mom sent that will be more than enough. When you book a party, 10 kids are covered, so whether you have 1 kid or 10 kids, it doesn't matter. So I would like some other kids to enjoy it and have cake. Maybe at playgroup I will invite another kid or two and stress no gifts.

This also makes it difficult with the food order. Three pizzas are ordered so far. There are supposed to be a few more adults coming by so I want to have enough. the pizza there isn't that great, though, so I don't want too much. Maybe I will order two more veggie pizzas and change the cheese pizzas to meat since there will be more adults. Maybe. Ugh!

One good thing is that my Hypnobabies Home Study Course arrived. Curt called to tell me so I can go pick it up if I want to. He knows I love mail.


Blacktating said...

Aaww, I am sorry about Ian's party. I am already planning my son's first birthday party and it's 2.5 months away!
I think inviting others and stressing no gifts is a good idea. I think most people will bring a little something anyway but maybe you could donate it to charity?

Mama Seoul said...

The first birthday was fun because we were around my family. It was mostly family. Then we had party leftovers at playgroup with all the kids separately. So it was fun and very successful, but this year being overseas it is much more of a pain.

I'm not opposed to people bringing gifts, I just don't want them to feel they have to, especially if they were invited at the last minute or their kid doesn't know Ian very well. We have some adults coming and we will try to make it fun no matter what, just is not what I envisioned!

Connie said...

I think just being honest with other parents about what happened - tried to keep it small, some people can't show, so there's more room than you thought, etc. Most people - although there are definitely some! - are NOT snobbish about their kids' social schedules. I've had a few upset with me because I refuse to send my little kids across town, unaccompanied, to an evening pool party at the Marriott on a school night... you know, what's wrong with me, anyway??!! Fortunately, most people live in reality and understand travel, over-scheduling little kids, last minute changes, etc.

We would come by if we could - esp. Honor. She LOVES little ones!

Mama Seoul said...

I ran into someone I was going to invite but couldn't find her contact info, so I invited her and her son. We'll just see how it goes and make the best of it.