Thursday, September 25, 2008

Terror on the Set!

Ian had a modeling job on Monday. The little girl he was paired with had a rough day. Ian did o.k. despite the fact that they wanted them to do things that were a little difficult for little kids. By then, they took Ian into another studio and he turned on the charm. He could have kept going, but the only things left for him were two outfits that were meant to be shot with the little girl. The little girl was done and just not having it, so they decided to bring Ian back on Friday with another little girl. As we walked out to the agent's car, we realized it had been towed with our carseat in it. So we took a cab back to the base. Luckily, that was Ian's extra carseat. It was a rough day for the agent.

That bring us to today.

Ian was a terror and totally uncooperative. Crying and laying on the floor. Part of the problem is that they are shooting winter clothes and they get too hot. This shoot was also really early and he didn't get a proper breakfast. Whatever it was today, he was not having any of it. They had to shoot two outfits and they might have gotten something that they can photo shop, but he was awful. The other little girl was wonderful today, so it wasn't a total loss. Now kids have good days and days. He usually does much better than this.

But here's the kicker: We are walking out after an exhausting attempt to get him to cooperate. He gets into the elevator and says,"Had fun."

I said,"What did you say?"

He said,"Had fun. Dat fun."


Christine said...

LOL. His fun dorve you crazy I bet. :)

Mama Seoul said...

I knew you would appreciate this story!

Connie said...

Too funny!! You never know what to expect next with kids :-D Honor got her passport taken after a morning of full tantrum... on the Metro, walking to the bldg., waiting in line - hours of tantrum. Sat her on the seat, she stops, smiles sweetly, gets her picture done, goes back into tantrum. Arrgh! I am sure the photographers at this ad agency have seen all types of 'fun'!!