Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cooking Progress

I've been doing much better with cooking dinner. The only problem is that my husband keeps threatening to go on extreme diets, like vegan, but with more restrictions. This is usually proceeded by eating a big pile of ribs (that he makes). I want to be supportive, but I cannot (and have no desire to) eat an extreme diet since I am pregnant. Also, he doesn't often get home on time, which I could use as an excuse not to cook, but instead choose to be happy that at least he has something good to microwave when he comes home and Ian and I eat on time.

When I make something healthy like Eggplant and Cauliflower Curry with Brown Rice, he will eat it once, maybe twice, but the rest goes to waste. When I make some more deliciously unhealthy like enchiladas, the pan gets scraped clean. What would inspire you more? I really don't cook anything that is super unhealthy. I don't deep fry or anything like that, but the fat content is higher than the plain chicken breast and broccoli or restricted vegan diets that he wants to go on. There is no moderation. It is a slab of ribs or raw foods! He is driving me crazy!

So today I am making pork chops, rice and green beans. I did dip the pork chops in egg and bread crumbs, but they are topped with spicy mustard and baked over apples, not fried. The green beans are fresh and will be steamed and then there is the rice.

I've also decided to track my fruit and vegetable in-take in a little notebook to remind myself to eat plenty of both. Fruit isn't a problem, but I could definitely eat more vegetables. I think the key is buying and preparing them in advance to be eaten or cooked so it is easy to do.


Connie said...

I'm finding that if I have a week's worth of fresh veg on hand... I HAVE to use it up, because I will not let it go to waste. I can ignore canned and frozen, but that fresh stuff is demanding.

Mama Seoul said...

I can ignore fresh. I feel bad about it, but I really have to stay on top of it.