Monday, September 29, 2008

Attempt at Family Pictures

We tried to get family pictures taken today. Ian was totally uncooperative. It was also outside. It was cheap, though. I don't have high hopes for very good pictures but I am wishing for at least one good one of the three of us and one good one of Ian by himself. We will be getting family pictures taken again in March when the baby is born so I didn't want to shell out a lot of money for these. It seems that off-post you can get beautiful, magazine quality images, but they cost the same as wedding packages in the States. On post there is a cheesy, blue-background picture place. Skip that. There are other options, but I just don;t have the time or energy to research them, so that is what we did. Better than trying to use the tripod and setting the timer.


Connie said...

Family pictures are hard to organize. At least my kids are starting to get the hang of using the camera - now, for the first time in many years, my husband and I are in pics together again. Of course, a lot of other strange things end up on the camera too. I found about 10 shots of a computer screen saver on my camera memory stick the other day.

Mama Seoul said...

Hopefully, Ian will be more cooperative when we do family pictures. We have taken pictures with this photographer in Erie before and she is good with getting shots of kids. Plus, it will inside in a private studio without distractions. Ian loves to take pictures as well. Mostly of the floor, the ceiling and half-shots of his own face.