Monday, September 29, 2008

Items on the Pain List

Calling the Erie County Election Board about my ballot issue was one of the items on the pain list. Since that was resolved and
I spent the morning deciding on the local/state races, it is ready to go apart from a signature on the envelope for living overseas. I will get the signature tomorrow and mail it at the Post Office so I can see them post mark it.

I also went through my closet and moved all the summer clothes and most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. The closet is not big enough for all of our stuff and having it in there was making it difficult for me too see what I have. Turns out, I don't have much. Considering I spent the biggest part of my pregnancy during the summer, most of my maternity clothes were summer clothes. I did figure out that the two pairs of pants I have were broken. They are supposed to have adjustable elastic like Ian's new pants, but the buttons are missing and I didn't know that. I just thought they were really big. I need to dig the elastic out and attach some buttons so I can wear them.

I also have some maternity/nursing p.j.s that were really cute, but are too big and at least one pair of the bottoms needs to have the elastic replaced. I didn't figure out they were too big until after I had cut the tags and washed them so I couldn't return them. I thought I would be bigger than I was, so I bought some things that were too big. I need to either get them fixed or pass them on to someone who is slightly bigger in the bust than I am.

Some advice on maternity clothes, if you are like me and have small hips and a small butt and do not gain weight there when you do gain a little weight when you aren't pregnant, you will probably not gain a lot there when you are pregnant. I am usually a size S in tops and I am smaller on the bottom than the top. In Old Navy, I am an XS. I ordered some medium tops and small pants and both were too large. Motherwear tends to run large as well. The PX only carries large things which leads me to another complaint: Why do stores put the maternity section in the with plus size section? It is embarrassing and confusing for both groups. The latest order I placed at Old Navy, I ordered XS pants and S tops. I hope everything fits!

I wanted to clean up the house a bit, but Ian fought hard on taking a nap and then only took a short nap. I got my Hypnobabies listening done, but that was it. Tomorrow is our cleaning day, but the less surface stuff she has to do the deeper clean she can do.

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