Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Erin O'Brien's Prenatal Fitness Fix

I went to the PX today to buy some pre-natal fitness dvds in my quest to incorporate daily exercise into my life on a consistent basis. I looked and looked but couldn't find them. I asked the guy who was working in the area, but he didn't even know what a fitness/exercise/workout dvd was (most of the employees are Korean). He tried to show me blank dvds. It was annoying. Another employee saw me looking annoyed and asked what I wanted. He showed me the section, but there were only two dvds on the top shelf and neither were pre-natal. They have every tv show ever made on dvd, but almost no workout dvds. Annoyed. I will order from Amazon, but I wanted instant gratification. My friend, Mona, suggested going to the library. Why don't I ever think of going to the library? I supposed after living in Pittsburgh with such great libraries, everything else seems lame. Still, I stopped by and found two prenatal workout dvds.

I had to drive Curt into work this morning and Ian work up on the way home so I couldn't workout in the morning. We went to the PX, playgroup and the library. We came home, had lunch and then after I got Ian down for his nap and took a short nap myself, I did Erin O'Brien's Prenatal Fitness Fix. There is a 40 minute workout and a 20 minute partner workout. Curt isn't home so I did the 40 minute workout. There is a warm up, some aerobic movement, floor work and a cool down. She does it in her living room and uses simple props like the couch arm, a chair and the wall that everyone has in their own living room. I think she has a few other titles on Amazon as well. I would definitely order this one.

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