Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eating and Food

I am doing much better with eating. I've been able to add garlic and onions back in, but I am still going lighter than usual. I've eaten rice as well. The only thing I haven't tried since my pregnancy-related food aversions started, is kimchi. The thought still grosses me out, though I think I could eat it. Going to try this week, though because I am missing out on lots of great food adventures.

My snacking phase, which followed my nausea phase, has turned Ian into a full-blown chocolate addict, complete with angry jonesing for chocolate. Bad mommy! Thank goodness for chocolate soy milk. We've both been enjoying this tasty, healthy beverage. I need to start buying two cartons a week instead of one.

I finally plugged in my American refrigerator because I've been craving ice and really cold beverages and the teeny Euro fridges ain't cutting it. There is no room for ice cube trays.

Sarah wrote about herbs during pregnancy. It is hard to be overseas because you don't always know what is in something. If you see green rice cakes, they contain mugwort, which should be avoided. Ginseng and Ohmija should be avoided during pregnancy as well. It is not just the exotics that make the list. I looked up herbal teas during pregnancy and discovered that 3 (hibiscus, hibiscus blend, camomile) of the 4 (peppermint was o.k.) I had in my cupboard should be avoided during pregnancy. Ginger is also good during pregnancy. The doctor prescribed it to me for my nausea.

Caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners are on the avoid/limit list as well. It can really be overwhelming. I think most things really wont be a problem unless you are drinking large quantities, but you never know. I try not to get too freaked out about it and follow the guidelines as best as I can.

In my laziness (to avoid a big mess), I tried to give Ian plain pasta and he refused to eat it. I made up a lasagna for dinner and when he saw the sauce, he went crazy. I used all the sauce on the lasagna so I had to bake it. Ian ate two pieces of lasagna and managed to cover his entire face in sauce.

I've decided to let Ian try peanut butter this week. It is recommended to avoid peanut butter until 2 years old, but we are not less than 30 days away from that date so we are going to go for it. Can't wait to see how he reacts.


Blacktating said...

Isn't craving ice part of pica? Maybe you should have your iron levels tested?

Cairo Mama said...

I am not eating ice. I just like beverages to be really cold. I just had blood work done and they didn't call with anything abnormal, but I don't know if they tested for iron levels. I'll have to check at my next appointment.

Connie said...

Cravings are strange. With my son, I craved raw veggies - now, it's a fight to get him to eat most fruit or veg. With my daughter, I craved MEAT - yep, she eats a little meat as possible. Good thing I got these nutrients in them in the beginning! ;-)