Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ian Helps

Ian loves to help. He pushes the buttons on the elevator, turns on the dishwasher, turns the air conditioner on and off, uses the key pass to open the door, carries Roxxy's food bowl back and forth to the kitchen, etc. Most of the time it would be faster for me to just do it myself (if he weren't around), but doing these things gives him such a sense of accomplishment that they have become useful tools for me. For example, when we need to take Roxxy outside or go somewhere and Ian is not ready to go, asking him to push the button on the elevator or hold the keys, refocuses him and calms him down. Also, Ian used to turn the dishwasher on all the time. He figured it out by himself and loved to do it. The dishes were REALLY clean for awhile because they went through several cycles. Now that I ask him to turn it on when I need it on, he has stopped turning it on randomly. Of course, there are times when I just do things myself and he gets upset, but usually, I try to keep his tasks for him.


Connie said...

I think it is very important to let kids 'help' even if it creates 3 times as much work! As you say, toddlers like to push buttons anyway, might as well give them some to push for a good reason. They are fascinated with cutting - give them something good (safe) to cut, and you will not find holes in furniture, clothing or homemade haircuts. As they get older, they get to do more, but you still have to be happy with mirrors that are streakier than when they started, drowned plants, and mopped floors that need to be redone :-) It's the thought that counts! (Honor got her own mop a couple months ago - a REAL mop. She was so thrilled! :-D !) Sometimes Honor is disappointed that I do the work myself, but as long as I give her a good reason - like I have to mop fast so the floor will be dry by the time Daddy gets home - then she is ok with it. Next time.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment! Yes, I can't believe it's over 20 weeks already!!

Cairo Mama said...

I'll be happy to get below 200 days! That will be tomorrow!