Monday, August 25, 2008


1. Exercise, Including Kegels:

I just did my Lisa Hart Fit Mama exercise dvd this morning. I let Curt take the car so Ian wouldn't have to wake up and then of course I screwed around checking e-mail, going bed to bed, wandering around the house aimlessly thinking Ian was going to wake up any minute. But, at 8:45am I started. He woke up when I was almost half way through and actually let me finish.

Ian's natural wake up time will give me plenty of time to do my workout before he gets up as long as I don't have to take Curt to work. We leave about 6:30am when we take Curt to work and Ian usually wakes up for the day on the way to the office, about 2 hours earlier than he would naturally wake up. He compensates by taking a long nap in the afternoon. I don't want to lose the nap, but it would be fine if it were shorter. We are trying to get a second car, a beater, just to get Curt back and forth to work, to give me time to workout. Also, Ian is really getting too heavy for me to carry, especially when he is asleep (dead weight). If I didn't have to pick him up, I might be more successful in making dinner more often.

I am going to go back to yoga in a few weeks. I still have about 20 classes to use I think. I am supposed tostart Korean meditation mid-September, but I don't know all the traveling will let that happen. Still, I want to get purposeful, daily exercise in. Running around after a toddler doesn't count. It doesn't get you in shape. I am not trying to lose weight during pregnancy or even prevent weight gain, just strengthen my muscles and endurance in preparation for delivery. Also, improve my general health and well-being.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other good prenatal workout dvds?

2. Cleaning:
Make the bed in the morning. Pick up the entry way, livingroom, diningroom and kitchen before Curt comes home.

3. Food:
Increase my vegetable in-take and have dinner ready or at least ready for Curt to cook before he gets home, Monday through Friday.

For the Born-Organized among you, these goals may seem small and pathetic, but for people like me, who despise routine and it is not natural to have a routine, these daily tasks can be overwhelming. I am not lazy in general, but can't seem to get it together for things like that. That is why I like FLY Lady. I found my kind and tools to help. I know it is possible, but it is hard to implement. Cairo Connie's sister-in-law, Christine, whose blog I follow, has 11 kids and her house always looks better than mine in the pictures. She has older kids who can help, but I'm sure they cause their share of messes as well. It still takes organization to keep everyone on task and helping. Even without Ian, I am messy, but Ian has the ability to cause destruction quickly. It really does make a difference to pick up the toys once a day and make him start over. It would be better if I could stay on top of him and have him put one toy back before getting something else out, but that is very advanced for me. The other funny thing is that I am very good at organizing people and figuring out what tasks to do in what order to solve a problem at work or in an organization, but I can't seem to do it at home.

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