Monday, August 25, 2008

Pregnant in Korea, Episode 4: 1st Appointment at the Army Hospital

I had my first appointment at the Army Hospital today. They were running really behind, but the wait didn't seem that bad. I was afraid Ian might be frightening the first-time parents in the waiting room, but a few couples seemed to get a kick out of his antics.

The doctor was very nice, but when I asked about the VBAC policies he said,"Oh we have plenty of time to talk about that." I told him I was planning to get the surgical record and he said,"Yes, we definitely have to see that." I wonder how long he would have waited to tell me that was necessary.

They weighed me, checked my blood pressure, did a pap smear, breast exam and sonogram. Everything looks normal and fine. It was cold and under florescent lighting, reminding me once again of why my plan to go with the midwife is much more appealing than the doctor/hospital.

I have an appointment on Thursday with the Korean doctor. I am just going to get my records copied and and talk to her, then transfer my care to the Army hospital. It is too expensive to go there. I am worried about what the insurance will reimburse. With the Army hospital, it is a US facility and they bill insurance directly.


sharon said...

Are you seeing Dr. Sung on Thursday? We will be there too, at 10.30am :O)

Cairo Mama said...

I'll be there at 8:30am so I will probably miss you! I am going to stop by the yoga studio that is near to get the info on the prenatal yoga class. I will e-mail you what I find!

Christine said...

Interesting. If I were you I'd probably opt to try and have a homebirth. :)

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks, Christine. I know you've had several homebirths. It is great to hear frm peole who have done it.