Monday, August 18, 2008

Playdate Update

Roxxy's playdate for yesterday was canceled due to rain, but today the sun was out and we had a successful playdate. Lesley and her Pug, Tank and Itaewon Rescue, Annie, invited Roxxy to play in their yard on Post. The yard is small, but fenced in and was enough room to run around. I was a little worried that Roxxy might be too rough with the little dogs ( Roxxy isn't toy or food aggressive but likes to "box"), but she wasn't. In fact, she kind of ignored Tank and Annie, which is what she used to do at the dog park with little dogs. Still, they ran around a bit and Roxxy got a taste of freedom and an outing. She is off the suicide ledge for today!

Lesley suggested I contact Tim of Animal Rescue Korea for suggestions on places to take her. She also offered to drive with me to the Dog Cafe when her friend with a Golden Retriever (who got her dog from Tim) gets back from vacation. That will be awesome. I will learn another place to drive to and be able to check out the dog cafe.

Another bonus: when we go into the elevator in the basement of our building, it stopped one floor up. I dreaded the doors opening, and they opened to a group of 4 Korean men. Surprisingly, they got on the elevator without any drama and asked,"What breed?"
I said,"Boxer."
Another guy said,"She's beautiful."
I said"That means a lot to her for you to say that".


Connie said...

So glad to hear that Roxxy got some positive attention. Animals do like to be loved! Honor and I stayed at a studio-type hotel in DC for about a month. People with dogs were thrilled to bring their pets to her for little kid attention - and you could tell that these, away from home, in transition, dogs loved it.

Hopefully, as you are in your building longer, more people will get used to Roxxy. I know that you've been there awhile now, but it can take some time to get to know everyone in a large building. Fingers crossed that people will warm up to her.

Cairo Mama said...

There are only 56 units in this building so it isn't that big and the attitude seems to be getting worse, but trying to stay positive. I have another playdate tentatively set up for tomorrow and another for Saturday morning. Hopefully we will find her match.