Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seoul Expat Pregnancy Club Expanding!

Just got an e-mail from another foreigner who is pregnant in Seoul and looking to explore the childbirth culture and options here in Seoul. She is from Singapore, has a two year old and is about as far along as I am.

Any other pregnant or trying-to-conceive foreigners out there who would like to join our little informal group and share information, just send me an e-mail: mamaseoul at gmail dot com

Also, if you have had a baby here and have any opinions/advice/resources to share, please e-mail me as well.

*******This small group has transformed into a Expat Parents Club Forum.

Go here to join:


Gracie said...

Hi there

I an expat that followed my husband here to Seoul about a year ago. I am not pregnant yet, but we are trying. I came across your blog while searching for a ob & clinic. Well done, you've done an amazing job!! I am in desperate need of a good referral, as I am realy keen to meet with a doctor sooner rather than later. I would also be interested in joining any group you have after I have conceived.

Thank you, keep in touch!!
Gracie :)

Rawwrrachel said...


I too am an expat near Seoul. I am ten weeks pregnant and am looking for any and all communication with moms of all shapes and sizes. I have a lot of friends back home (canada) who have kids and are pregnant now, but none in Korea!!

I would really like to find a group to join to share experiences!


Rachel :):)

Mama Seoul said...

Great, Rachel. I think I just saw your registration to the forum which is a great place to start!