Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bronzed Baby Shoes? Not Exactly...

At the Baby Fair at CoEx Mall last week, I saw lots of elaborate baby photo packages that were the cost and quality of wedding albums in the States. There were also bronzed newborn montages:

I thought the bronze molds of hands and feet looked a little creepy. Here's a closeup:

And then I got a closer look at the boy version:

Yes, That is a mold of the baby's testicles and penis. On the wall, forever. Talk about embarrassing!

There is a picture in a photo shop in Itaewon of a male infant in Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) with his penis purposefully exposed. Much more direct than the"I'm a boy" onesies we have in the US!

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Connie said...

Oh my! That is amazing! Babies hardly like having their feet prints made in ink at the hospital - I'm sure this is a particular form of indignity they'd rather avoid too!