Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rolling Ball Museum

Located in downstairs in the Korean War Memorial, the Rolling Ball Museum is an interactive museum appropriate for even kids under two. There are four main areas: metal mechanical sculptures, wooden ball structures, mechanical toys and build-your-own.

In the first section, you just watch the balls roll through some of the displays and others you are able to intitiate the ball rolling yourself.

The second section is the best for little ones like Ian because the balls are big and there are many that they can reach themselves. You still need to stick close to your child because the older kids tend to get overly excited and push the little ones around, but Ian occupied himself in this area for a long time.

The mechanical toy displays are fun. You push the buttons to get them to move.

The older kids really seemed to enjoy the build-your-own section. Ian wasn't into it as much. I think there were too many people around, but Curt liked it.

Samgakji Metro Station is close. There is a Korean War Memorial exit you can take to get there. You have to pay for children over 24 months. Luckily, Ian is 23 months so we got in just under the wire. It isn't a cheap trip, but it was fun. I think the price is 10,000 won per person or maybe a little more. Should have posted this last week when the details were fresh.

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Connie said...

Looks like fun. Brian and Honor have a 'marble run' toy. A set of tubes and slides you connect to run marbles through. It can be a bit frustrating for little ones to set it up so the marbles go properly, but the bigger kids like it.