Friday, August 1, 2008

Beco Baby Carrier Sale!

I love, love, love the Beco Baby Carrier! I have a 4th Generation which requires an infant insert (like the Ergo does) for newborns but can be used without one between 3-4 months. The new Beco Butterfly has a built-in panel for newborns. Besides being great for your back, easy to adjust and figure out, and very secure for the baby, they come in gorgeous patterns. The Beco is a lighter and thinner than the Ergo. See my review here. I like them both.

I bought my 4th Generation from SoBeBabies. They have excellent customer service and right now they are having a great sale on the Beco Butterfly. They are an authorized retailer and this is the first authorized sale.

This carrier is pricey, but it is worth every penny. I used mine all the time (instead of a stroller) until my son was 16 months old. I still use it with him, but not as much because he is older and wilder (almost 23 months). Still, it can support his weight. It is so much easier to put a baby in a carrier like this and do laundry or shop then get out the stroller or lug the infant carseat. This is one item worth investing in.

I bough the Baby Bjorn first and that carrier is much more difficult to use and hurts my back and shoulders when Ian was about 10 lbs. I tried a ring sling and a pouch, but I couldn't get him positioned correctly. Some people swear by them, but I like two-shouldered carriers better. Some people love mei tais, which these carriers are inspired by, but you need to tie and untie mei tais. With the Beco and Ergo, you just click the buckles and pull the straps to adjust. Fast and easy to get the baby in and out.

There are lots of other carriers out there now (an explosion has occurred in the last few years), but I have throughly tested both of these. I've breastfed in them while climbing a mountain in the desert in Egypt, used them through international airport security lines and dodging traffic in Egypt. They rock. You need them.


Connie said...

I am a Maya Wrap fan. I carried both of our kids, from newborn to 2+ yrs old, in Maya Wraps. The Beco looks nice though.

I had a Baby Bjorn with Brian. He outgrew it in a matter of weeks! Seriously. What a waste for us.

I liked the COOL fabric of the Maya wrap, the flexibility of wear, the handy tail of extra cloth, the ability to wash it, and I even had a matching pocket (that I could remove or attach to the sling) to store a couple diapers and wipes.

Cairo Mama said...

Lots of people love the Maya Wrap! I had a different brand, but just couldn't get it coordinated properly and didn't have anyone around (that I knew, you were around!) who could help me which is why I went with the soft structured carriers instead of wraps and slings.

The Bjorn has to be the most overrated piece of baby gear around! It isn't cheap, either! I think the cheapest model is $99 and they go up from there.

Blacktating said...

I use a Baby K'Tan ( and I love it. Comfy, can be used in 8 positions and very affordable. I am an authorized dealer, too, and I sell them at a lower price than the website.

Cairo Mama said...

I like that you can use it over two shoulders. Looks good for a newborn.

Virginia Janet said...
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Marsha said...

How do you breastfeed while your child is in the Beco?

Mama Seoul said...

Hi Marsha,

When the baby is in the Beco in the front carry position, I just lift my shirt and attach. When the baby is little, I find that I need to hold my breast up, but as they get older, I don't need to hold it. I find it very easy, but others have said they can't manage it. I think a lot depends on your body type, including breast size and torso length. It is helpful to practice at home before you venture out so you get comfortable.