Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Baby's in My Uterus"

Said by Ian today.

He looks at the baby on the baby tracker widget and says,"Baby".

I point to my belly and say,"The baby's in here, in my uterus."

He points to his belly and says,"No, baby's in my uterus."

Anatomy is clearly not his best subject. He still can't believe that Roxxy and I don't have penises.


Connie said...

When Brian was little like Ian, he was also convinced he should be able to have a baby too. Once his sister was born, he forgot about that idea. I had to have a repeat C-section (too much damage from the 1st emergency surgery - I was 'not allowed' to labor after they saw the surgery report) and Brian visited us daily in the hospital. Funny thing is, for months afterwards, whenever we'd see an ambulance he'd excitedly shout that was a mommy going to the hospital to have her baby out... even though I didn't go by ambulance! He was so happy at the thought of the new babies, so I didn't explain... a little bit of fairy tale in life is a good thing. I knew he'd figure it out later.

Cairo Mama said...

Kids are delightfully funny!

Blacktating said...

It is good that Ian seems excited. Do you think he'll be weaned by the time the baby arrives or do you plan on tandem nursing? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that. I don't think I could do it!

Cairo Mama said...

I don't think he really has a clue about the baby. I think he is thinking of his baby doll and will be extremely shocked.

He still nurses quite a bit. I am not nursing him on demand anymore. I've cut him back due to my nausea. We are just going to see how it goes as far as weaning. If it is up to him completely, I do not think he will wean. I plan to just go with the flow and maybe try to reduce him to help him wean, but I will keep going as long as it isn't too painful or bothering me.

Ian interrupted this comment desperately asking for milk. Now that my nausea is subsiding, I think I will go back to nursing on demand because he gets himself so worked up and if I just let him nurse, I can usually pop him off after a minute or two and he is fine.

I won't worry about it too much until it become a problem. I've heard that many people lose their milk by mid-pregnancy and lots of kids self-wean at this point. I don't think Ian will be one of those kids. I think he'll continue to nurse even if there is no milk, but as long as it isn't bothering me, I think we will continue.