Saturday, August 23, 2008

Possible Dog Walker Found!

I talked to the oldest girl in a home schooling family. They live in a building near me and also have a dog. She just got her Red Cross baby sitting certification so she might be able to babysit as well.

I am thinking of having her walk Roxxy during the week. A good, once a day walk would really help Roxxy. She gets outside and now that it is cooler we are back to going to the playground again, but she doesn't get a lot of exercise.

If this works out, this could solve the Roxxy issue for when I go back to the States. I could leave her here with Curt and the neighbor girl can walk her during the day. It would be nice to avoid another international flight for her.


Connie said...

Very good news. It is hard to manage care for our beloved animals sometimes and such a relief when you find a solution!

Cairo Mama said...

The expat life style is not conducive to pets, especially big dogs, but we didn't know we would be living this way when we got her. It is nice to see that it doesn't take much to make her happy. I was feeling like it was impossible before, but now I feel much better.