Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy, Rainy Day

Sarah and I met by Gate 10 to be picked up by our new friends, Sharon and Herwrni to go to the Baby Fair at Coex Mall. Sharon has an awesome driver so it made the trip much easier than trying to get there by public transportation. I was trying to copy down the driving directions but between Mr. Kim changing course several times due to traffic and Ian fussing, I was not able to pay attention. There was a lot to see at the Baby Fair including several different brands of cloth diapers. Most of the other stuff was pretty expensive, but it was still neat to see. Sarah says you can get much better deals online. Afterwards, we had lunch and then headed back.

Sarah realized that she left her umbrella somewhere at the mall, so I gave her mine since I just had to run into the gate to my car and she still had to metro home. As I got to the parking lot, only feet from my car, I saw the Dragon Hill Parking lot surrounded by MPs. They wouldn't let me into my car, but I was able to go to the Dragon Hill. I had to kill about an hour before we were able to leave. In that time, I had a cup of tea, Ian spilled his crackers everywhere and he got a card from a modeling agent. I was almost ready to check into the hotel because I really needed a nap, but we were finally able to go home. When we got home, we took the dog out and she wouldn't pee because she doesn't like the rain. I was so annoyed. The rain was kind of refreshing, but our shoes were getting soaked and gross. She finally peed a little bit and we went inside.

One outing a day is all I can handle anymore!


Sarah said...

Aw, thanks for letting me use your umbrella....Sorry you got stuck out for so long. That's terrible!

The baby fair was fun even though a lot of stuff there was a little over-the-top and expensive. I'm excited to start scouring the Internet for some good deals. I met a Canadian friend of mine last night who has a sweet 1 year old daughter with his Korean wife. She gave me some tips on where to get stuff cheaper. I'll let ya know. ;)

Cairo Mama said...

Great! Cheaper is better!
I want to know what idiot called in the bomb threat during my nap time! It was probably a teenager.

Connie said...

ooh! danger! don't mess with a nap-deprived pregnant lady! ;-)