Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doulas in Seoul

I've found the contact information for two doulas in Seoul. From what I've heard, you can't use doulas at the military hospital on Yongsan Garrison. I don't have confirmation of that, so if you are going to use the 121 and want to use a doula, make sure to ask the question. The two numbers:

Lisa 010-7235-8667

Keun Hae (she also teaches Lamaze and breastfeeding) 010-5416-5155. She speaks both English and Korean. She is not taking on many client right now because she had a baby last year (plus has three other kids), but she is a good resource for all things pregnancy and baby in Korea.


The Fincaryk Family said...

Hi Mama Seoul,

I'd love to hook up and chat. I've doulaed a couple of time on the base with no problems. The nurses and doctors I've worked with have been fantastic with out a problem.

Also I'd love to clarify some of the information that you've posted about the classes.



Mama Seoul said...

Lisa, I'm in the US until probably early May (I'm due in March). Please e-mail me at mamaseoul at gmail dot com

with any clarifications or corrections and I will update the post.

It is great that expats have options in Korea. Thanks for being a much needed resource!