Monday, August 4, 2008

Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies

I am signed up to take a Hypnobirthing class starting in a few weeks, but I've also seen theHypnobabies program. I don't really have a choice here in Korea, but if you are in the US, you should check them both out. From the little I have read, it seems Hypnobabies used an open-eyes method and seems to have more problem-specific scripts. Hypnobabies also offers a homestudy course.

Has anyone out there taken either course? Comments on which one is better?

******Update: B/c of scheduling conflicts and the fact that Hypnobabies seemed more geared to doing it without a partner and I will spend the last two months of pregnancy in the States, away from my husband, I decided not to do the Hypnobirthing class and went with the Hypnobabies homestudy course. Here is the link to my take on Hypnobabies after using it successfully for my VBAC.

Here is a comparison from Laura Lund, Hypnobabies instructor who used Hypnobirthing and then Hypnobabies and then became an instructor. Sheridan Ripley is a Hypnobabies instructor who followed a path similar to Laura's and here is her comparison.


Blacktating said...

I haven't tried either program, but I did read the Hypnobirth book when I was pregnant. I took a childbirth class at a local birthing center and I found that to be more helpful than anything. The key things they taught that helped me get through my labor without drugs were:
1. Remember to breathe in deeply and evenly through every contraction. Remember that during contraction, the cord is constricting so you are literally breathing for your baby. I kept thinking that, "I have to breathe for my baby."
2. Focus on something, anything, during your contractions, that helps you get through.
3. If you are in a hospital and can't move around freely, at least lie on your side, rather than your back.
4. Personal mantra! Mine was, "There is no contraction that is stronger than me!" Find some catch phrase or ego booster that is going to help you get through it.
Hope that helps at least a little!

Katharine Graves said...

I was a little puzzled by the previous comment. I'm a hypnobirthing teacher and it sounded as if she had a hospital antenatal class rather than the hypnobirthing course which gives you everything you need for a calm and gentle birth. I wish every mnother could do it. Do try it.


Katharine Graves is a hypnobirthing teacher in London

Cairo Mama said...

Good mantra, Elita.

I am definitely taking the Hypnobirthing class, just wondering if I should try Hypnobabies home study as well.

Blacktating said...

My first line says that I didn't try either program, but I read the book. My childbirth class was helpful so I wanted to share what I knew. Sheesh.