Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Sleepy Baby:

Happy Baby:

This photo session is over!

Driving in Egypt

There is always lots of traffic. The rules are simple: if you are even a fraction of an inch ahead of another car, you have the right of way. In the far right lane and need to turn left? Mafeesh Mouskela (no problem)! Did you miss your turn on a one-way street? Mafeesh mouskela! Need to park but there's no space? Mafeesh mouskela? Traffic lights? Merely suggestions, not need to mind them. Just don't use your headlights at night. It is wasteful and really annoys people. I didn't drive in Egypt because I didn't have a car, but those who did said it was like navigating a crowded sidewalk, that you do it by feel. Many people find it fun after awhile.

It only takes the ride fromthe airport to find the humor in this sign. Egyptians use the horn constantly. They honk as they go past pedestrians to tell pedestrians they are not going to stop. They honk going through intersections to tell other cars they are not going to stop. They honk when pulling a maneuver like turning left from the far right lane. They honk when someone else pulls a maneuver like turning left from the far right lane. And about every 30 seconds for good measure.

West Virginia Land

Ian and I went to our land in West Virginia for the first time. It is 20 acres of woods and limestone. Roxxy loves it. There is a septic tank on it but that is all, not even a driveway.

9 Months Old!

Playing in the Grass:

Eating Tofu:

Ian has had a busy month. He went to Capitol Hill for the Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2007. He tried many new foods like squash, teething biscuits, tofu, avocado, corn, and marinara. He seemed stoned upon tasting marinara. Four teeth came through. He can stand without holding on for a few seconds and lower himself down.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Clapping, Cookies and Cowboy Hats

Ian has learned how to clap when asked. here he is clapping, eating a teething biscuit "cookie" and wearing a cowboy hat.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Heather's Maadi Shopping Experience

This shop has tchochkes and shisha (flavored tobacco for the hooka). Erie has several places to buy shisha, but it is 1/5 the cost here in Cairo:

This man has a nice alabaster shop. He has a good variety and decent quality. He does not bargain, but he does not harass you either, so I like to shop here:

Tree Shop Produce:


Construction or Demo?

Balady (Local, Wild) Dog on Car: