Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

At a Party

We attended a birthday party yesterday and I will be posting more on the cake and decorations later. Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Taste of Lemon

Despite the expression, she loved it.

6 Months Old and I've Already Doomed Her to Therapy!

I did it again! At Eva's 6 month checkup, I was looking deep into her eyes and smiling. Then they gave her the shots. Her pupils instantly dilated and she started screaming. I think I traumatized her for life. She is going to associate pain with me. I did this before as well. I think next time, I won't look at her until after.

I really need to start filling in her baby book. Another reason for therapy as I put quite a bit into Ian's book. I even had it at his third birthday party because there is a page about third birthday in it. I'll have to look through the blog and Twitter for Eva's updates.

Eva is in the 38% for weight. She was in the 86% at the two month check up I think. She is hardly wasting away, in fact, she is chunkier than Ian, so I don't think anything is wrong with her. She weighs 7.2 kg (almost 16 lbs). I wonder if the fact that she chose her own birthday (unlike so many others, including Ian) had anything to do with her being at the top of the weight charts when she was younger.

She is vocalizing and spitting a lot. Besides pteradactyl noise, I've heard "hi", "mama", "dad", and "What are you people doing?" among other things. I don't count these as real words because she isn't associating them to people/objects or saying them in context, but that just gives you an idea about her vocal experimentation.

Satya Movement Arts: Yoga, Pilates and Dance Classes in English in Seoul

Check out Satya Movement Arts for a list of yoga, pilates and dance classes in Seoul taught in English. Not all are open to the public and you might want to contact individual instructors to makes sure the schedule is current.

Also check out Pure Yoga, Jai Yoga Center and Magic Pond Yoga.

I took classes at Pure Yoga and I am doing the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Magic Pond. Jai Yoga Center brings in internationally-known instructors and has some prenatal yoga classes as well. I haven't taken there, but I have me the owner and would like to take from her, but all of my time is focused on Magic Pond right now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ian still nurses before bed and nap and Eva is primarily breastfed (has a bit of solids). Last night, Ian couldn't wait for Eva to nurse. I was laying in the dark with my two children in their striped pajamas listening to the them nurse and feeling their little bodies relax into mine.

After just two Sundays, Curt has become amazingly response to Eva's needs, even when I am home. He used to wait for me to handle things, but his confidence has just blossomed. Now, when Eva starts fussing, he takes the lead. In fact, he uses the Ergo so much that the new blue one has become his. Our setting are very different, so I will use the old one and we'll keep the new one adjusted to his settings. I am going to use the Ergo Back Pack (part of the Hands-Free System Eva and I won) as a diaper bag for Curt so he is ready to go out on Sundays.

My friend Chalica and her husband Jason helped us tremendously with the party. She told me that for Emma's party (which we missed because that was the day of our move), she ran out of time to hang the streamers and the kids had tons of fun playing with them. We hung up a few for Ian's party, but then gave the rest to the kids. They loved it! I bought two bags of balloons, but one of them had really tiny balloons. They were so small, that Jason, a musician, popped the first balloon with one breath while trying to blow it up. Luckily, the other bag had big balloons. Everyone should have a trumpet-player friend around when it is time to blow up balloons!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gender Studies with Ian

Ian was playing with his friend Emma a few weeks ago. She put on a tutu and twirled around saying,"I am a princess! I am a princess."

Ian, not wanting to be left out, said,"I want a tutu!".

Emma's mom got out another one and we put it on him. He twirled around and exclaimed,"I am a princess! I am a princess!"

Ah, such innocence! How sweet! And then....

He picked up a lego and yelled,"Bang! Bang! I'm shooting you! I'm a princess and I'm shooting you!"

Like a girlie Rambo.