Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gender Studies with Ian

Ian was playing with his friend Emma a few weeks ago. She put on a tutu and twirled around saying,"I am a princess! I am a princess."

Ian, not wanting to be left out, said,"I want a tutu!".

Emma's mom got out another one and we put it on him. He twirled around and exclaimed,"I am a princess! I am a princess!"

Ah, such innocence! How sweet! And then....

He picked up a lego and yelled,"Bang! Bang! I'm shooting you! I'm a princess and I'm shooting you!"

Like a girlie Rambo.


Weve said...

"Like a girlie Rambo" hahaaha, that kills me.

Connie said...

We took the kids to Disney when Honor was about 3 (barely 3). I forgot to pack pants! She had the pants she was wearing, plus the emergency pair in her backpack. And Disney sells t-shirts, but no pants! Anyway, we found her a cute Minnie Mouse dress with poufy sleeves and full skirt... such a cute princess. Then we went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Princess Minnie spent the rest of the day with pirate mouse ears (earring in one, with pirate bandana), eyepatch, and a sword. Ian would have liked it!

Mama Seoul said...

So cute, Connie! Hope the kids are liking their new school. What are you up to? No time to blog?

Bethany said...

That's priceless!

I once read a study about gender roles where girls were given toy guns to play with and boys were given dolls. The girls tended to treat the guns as baby dolls and the boys made their dolls into guns.