Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winners Again!

Two years ago, my testimonial photo won a place in the Ergo Calendar. We were living in Egypt at the time and we got our picture taken in front of the Pyramids of Giza. Ian was nursing in the Ergo as I enjoyed visiting the sole surviving wonder on the Seven Wonder of the World list.

Fast forward to this July when we went to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and other ancient temples. Though I love my Beco (4th Generation), it was the Ergo I chose to bring to Cambodia. I wanted the extra support provided by the thicker shoulder and waist straps as well as the zippered front pocket (really convenient for passports, tickets and money while traveling). We had a great trip and Eva slept, nursed and smiled in the Ergo the whole trip. I was able to climb to the tops of the temples and walk all around. We didn't miss out on anything.

When we returned home to Korea, I had an e-mail from Ergo about a new photo contest. I sent in a few photos from our trip and to my surprise and delight, we won! The prize was an Ergo Hands-Free System. It arrived today. The contest was almost over when we entered and I hadn't really focused on the prize, but I was pleased to try it out. I opened the first box and it was the Ergo Backpack in Blue. I wondered why they didn't send me camel to match my carrier, but I thought,"Well, that's o.k. they blue will go with the camel". Then I opened the second box. It was a front pouch. Finally, there was a third box. "What could this be?" I asked as I picked up the third box.

It was a brand new Ergo carrier in blue! They have made several improvements since I bought my carrier in January 2007.

From the Ergo website:

The chest straps are now permanently attached to the shoulder straps with a "runner", and will keep the chest strap in its desired location so it won't need readjusting each time the carrier is taken on and off. The chest straps are dyed to match the carrier, enhancing the carrier's overall appearance.

The hood straps are shorter and now attach directly onto the shoulder straps; therefore, the D-rings are no longer needed. The elastacized hood provides more length in spite of the shorter straps and will "cup" around your baby's head.

The one current D-ring is for your personal use. These changes are not yet reflected in our instructional videos.

This is a great change. The old sleeping hood is fine once you get the straps attached, but you have to find the D-ring, slide the straps through the D-ring and snap them. They are very long and it is difficult to attach. I just tried on the new carrier and put up the hood. It was so much quicker and easier with the new design.

I will review the other components of the hands-free system after I use them long enough to get a good feel.

I noticed that on the Ergo site that Ergo will be unveiling Heart2Heart carrier in September. I searched online and couldn't find anymore information except that a few bloggers are set up to receive it when it comes out for a review and/or giveaway. I am guessing that this carrier will have an integrated infant insert. I have no basis for this guess except that I find the Ergo infant insert bulky and a pain to use, plus, other competitors, like Beco have built-in infant inserts. I love the Ergo. It is an awesome carrier once you can use it without the infant insert all the way through to when you don't want to carry your child anymore, but the infant insert leaves a lot to be desired. It is fine once baby is in, but when you take the baby in out and you have two big pieces to deal with. Some people love it though, but for me, the Ergo is best post-infant stage, especially when baby/toddler gets big and squirmy!

I used a Mamma's Milk Adjustable Pouch with Eva until she could use the Ergo and Beco (I have the old 4th Generation model Beco that requires an infant insert, the Butterfly II has a built-in infant insert) without the insert. Though the Mamma's Milk Adjustable Pouch is beautiful and worked well with Eva, it is still a one-shouldered carrier. I just don't last as long with a one-shouldered carrier. Since I've tried a wrap, I now believe that I will prefer to use the Moby Wrap with my next newborn, even after looking at the Beco's built-in infant insert. Still, I am interested to see what Ergo will come up with. Ergo was at the Baby Fair this weekend, but I didn't stop by since I already have my Ergo and I was demonstrating the Moby. I wonder of they had Heart2Heart there....

What a great week it has been for me and babywearing! I got a Moby Wrap and learned how to use it and I won a new Ergo system! (In the winning Ergo photo, I'm also wearing the Japanese Weekend Nursing Top that I won in the Blacktating Blogiversary celebration--It brought me luck!)

Stay tuned for my upcoming post, "Can You Have Too Many Babycarriers?" in which I will give MY answer to this question and compare my favorite carriers.


AM said...

WOw! A free Ergo and accessories! That is awesome. I love both of those winning pics, especially the pyramids one.

MommyCha said...

I was looking at the picture and thinking, "Hmm..those are funny looking pyramids!" Hahaha..then I read the rest and realized that this was a NEW contest you guys one! Congrats! Eva does make an amazing model, no wonder you guys keep winning! Hahaha..we need to try and get a Moby calendar in the works! ^.^

Mama Seoul said...

You should have a contest for your 1st year Moby customers so send in pics of what they did with their Mobys! It is a great way to show others the possibilities. You can do so much when you have a good baby carrier and baby will be happy.

I'm Babywearing my way down the New Seven Wonders of the World list!

sharon said...

Ahh.... that's where that blue ergo came from, was wondering how come it's a different color :O)