Monday, August 17, 2009

Coex Baby Fair 2009

The Coex Baby Fair is this week, August 20-23. Mommy Cha will be there with Moby Wrap Korea. The fair has representatives from many pregnancy/baby related items from cloth diapers to photographers to gear to services, etc. They often have discounts and special deals. I found a lot of the items to be pretty pricey last year, but it is definitely worth a look. If you have a Moby, please wear it to support Moby Wrap Korea and stop by their booth to say hello.

Mommy Cha sent some free tickets to Baby Fair for me to give away, but there appears to have been a postal mixup and they haven't arrived. However, last year, we pre-registered and were able to get in free. Here's the link we used last year. Hope it works again! Ignore the contradictory Konglish message at the top and just fill it out and submit.

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MommyCha said...

Thanks so much once again to you and Eva, who was the perfect baby model! We hope you enjoy your new wrap and look forward to seeing you again soon!!