Saturday, August 15, 2009

No-Cry Discipline Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

Elizabeth Pantley, perhaps best known for her books on sleep issues, is the author of the No-Cry Discipline Solution.

I turned to this book last year when my son picked my unfortunate swearing habit. Pantley's book gives age-appropriate remedies that mostly involve reducing exposure to the words, especially from you! . Click here for that post. I will say that it worked almost immediately.

This summer has been super stressful and while I have (mostly) refrained from dropping f-bombs, "Oh God" has been uttered many times by both me and my little mimic. I don't like to hear him say that but I know exactly where it is coming from, so back to the book! I picked this book back up because of this issue and as I glanced through it, I realized I needed to re-read it. Elizabeth Pantley defines the goal of discipline on page 4:

Parental discipline is about helping our children create a foundation of strong values, morals, and guidelines that they
can use for a lifetime of self-discipline.

In other words, you want to teach your child to make good decisions when you aren't there. I believe this and in practice, I have found that when I am able to stay in control, I have a better outcome with Ian. Still, it is my nature and/or learned habit to yell and lose control. That is why a book like this is so valuable. Not only does it reinforce my theoretical beliefs regarding discipline, it gives practical strategies to real-life discipline problems. Time to get reading...

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