Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let Him Eat Dog Food!

We went to Pittsburgh last weekend and Ian did not eat much all weekend until we went to my cousin's house. She made a rice and meat mixture (people food grade) for one of her dogs that wasn't feeling well. As soon as Ian saw it, he wanted it, so she gave him a spoon and he helped himself to Allie's dinner. (Don't worry, the bowl was clean).

Hat for Elizabeth Ardelle

I knit my first real article of clothing for my friend Melanie's new baby, Elizabeth Ardelle. I got distracted and had to freestyle it a bit, but it looks like a ha so I am happy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Haircut

Well, there was that one freakishly long wisp that I cut off back in the summer, but today he got his first real haircut. Not too, short, just shaped it up a bit.

Road Trip: Hyde Park, New York

Ian and I went on a road trip two weekends ago to Hyde Park, NY, a short 7.5 hour jaunt. On the drive to NY, we left at 5 am. He doesn't usually wake up until 8:30 am or later, so he slept the entire way except for a late breakfast stop. We arrived at my friend's mother's house in time for a late lunch. He had a great time playing with my friend's almost two year old daughter, Stella. Stella kept trying to hug him and he kept trying to escape, but it was funny to watch.

He felt very relaxed at Nanny Tanina's (Jay's mom) house as he made 4 or 5 dirty diapers there. Grandmother's seem to have this effect on him. He also ate large quantities of food which every Nanny likes to see.

We spent the night in a hotel and met up the next morning. After lunch out and more playing, we left at about 4:30 pm. The trip home was not as easy because Ian was not happy to be in the car. It started to snow outside of Syracuse and since it was also dark and Ian was fussing, we pulled off the highway and spent another night in the hotel.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sesame Street in Jamaica

The resort we were staying at had a Sesame Street kids program. The staff would dress up as the characters and have activities throughout the day and do performances at night. Ian didn't pay attention to tv (except when Mary J Blige was on tv) before we went down to Jamaica so he did not know the Sesame Street characters, but he loved them. Since he was in so much pain wit the teething and the Sesame Street characters made him so happy, we paid $40 for the three of us to go to a brunch with the characters. It was really fun, but they served the same food as they did in the buffet that was already included. Most of the Sesame Street stuff is included in the price of your trip, but they have to get you somewhere. He said,"Mo or Melmo" for "Elmo"; "Beer" for "Burt" and "Ee-ee" for Ernie. He got a lot of attention from Burt and Ernie, but Elmo quickly became the favorite.

I was really surprised at his reaction because he wasn't that impressed with The Wiggles when we went to that concert, but they are humans instead of plush monsters/animal-looking creatures. He "woofed" at them as he does with animals he sees.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Do What I Want, I Have Beautiful Eyes!

People often come up to Ian and say,"You have beautiful eyes."
In response, he has begun pointing to his eye and giving a look that ranges from flirty to Blue Steel depending on his mood. All of this attention has apparently gone to his head because now when he throws a tantrum, he points to his eye, which I interpret as,"Do what I want, I have beautiful eyes!"