Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sesame Street in Jamaica

The resort we were staying at had a Sesame Street kids program. The staff would dress up as the characters and have activities throughout the day and do performances at night. Ian didn't pay attention to tv (except when Mary J Blige was on tv) before we went down to Jamaica so he did not know the Sesame Street characters, but he loved them. Since he was in so much pain wit the teething and the Sesame Street characters made him so happy, we paid $40 for the three of us to go to a brunch with the characters. It was really fun, but they served the same food as they did in the buffet that was already included. Most of the Sesame Street stuff is included in the price of your trip, but they have to get you somewhere. He said,"Mo or Melmo" for "Elmo"; "Beer" for "Burt" and "Ee-ee" for Ernie. He got a lot of attention from Burt and Ernie, but Elmo quickly became the favorite.

I was really surprised at his reaction because he wasn't that impressed with The Wiggles when we went to that concert, but they are humans instead of plush monsters/animal-looking creatures. He "woofed" at them as he does with animals he sees.

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