Monday, January 7, 2008

First Haircut

Well, there was that one freakishly long wisp that I cut off back in the summer, but today he got his first real haircut. Not too, short, just shaped it up a bit.


anne said...

So glad to see he still has all of that hair (well, most of it, anyways)!

Connie said...

I was looking for a website with Maadi local news - I've lived here for 3 years now, you'd think I'd know to give up - but I found your blog instead.

First - it must be said - Ian is absolutely adorable!! I love his 'blue steel' gaze! I am also pleased to read about your parenting style... There are more of 'us' than there used to be! Yay!! My 'baby' just turned 7 (and his little sister is a few months shy of 5). I am a Cairo Mama too (since '04), and I was also a hardcore breastfeeding, baby-in-a-sling wearing, attachment-style parent. My son nursed until my daughter was born - and thank god he could still help me with the extra milk until my body could reset from 'industrial strength boy-feed' to 'dainty princess portions'. My daughter (saved from milk-drowning by her brother) also nursed well, until she was almost 3. I never had any issues with public breastfeeding - many people came up with POSITIVE comments (smiles, hugs, pats, etc) and I even had parents (moms AND dads) bring their kids over to see my baby feed .. kinda strange, but it was for the right reasons and I was happy to be a good example for the next generation. Sometimes it would be the kids running up and the parent having to figure out how to explain, but even that was a good thing.

I used a Maya wrap (ring sling) from birth to about 3yo with both of my kids.. we had a stroller, but it was like new when we gave it away. Same with the crib - I had an emergency T-section with my son and found co-sleeping to be so much easier for us all.

I only recently discovered blogger (altho I have had a webpage for awhile) and I love how easy it is to share my family and my adventures with friends and family back home. It has also brought me closer to my sister-in-law who is very busy with her children.

I enjoyed reading about your handsome little boy - it really brought back memories of when my Brian was tiny.. he even had a growling incident like Ian's Pterodactyl impersonation. Brian heard a dragon on tv and then proceeded to roar himself hoarse! He still loves dragons.

Keep on blogging - More moms out there need the encouragement! Please give that sweet little boy a hug from me!

Cairo Mama said...

Thanks, Connie! I wish I would have met you in Maadi! It is great to hear from another breastfeeding, babywearing mama, especially since your kids are past that stage. you are a great example for me!