Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pilates for Pregnancy with Lynne Robinson

The other prenatal workout video that I borrowed from the library is Pilates for Pregnancy with Lynne Robinson. There is a 40 minute workout targeted for those 16 weeks along and further and a 10 minute postnatal section.

Classical Pilates is a series of very targeted, precise exercises that flow into each other. I took Pilates from a great studio in DC called Excel Movement Studios. They trained in the classical way. If Pilates seems easy, you are probably doing it incorrectly. That said, I found this DVD a little too slow. Lynne Robinson is very good about reminding you to "zip up" your muscles which intensifies the workout, but I wish there were more repetitions and the exercises flowed into each other. I think the reason they don't is so that proper position can be achieved. I would rather do aerobics and toning at home with a dvd and take yoga and pilates in a class.

Reading the reviews of prenatal Pilates dvds on Amazon, it seems that some are really hard and fast and some are very gentle. Assess your own fitness level and Pilates experience to choose the right one for you. If you have the opportunity to borrow from a friend or library before purchasing, do it.

I didn't get my exercise in yesterday. I over did it with running around. I waited too long to eat so I was hungry, but nauseated and I couldn't eat much. I was exhausted, but I couldn't settle down to sleep. As for my other daily goals, the house was picked up when we got home. For eating, I had two kinds of leftovers in the fridge and bought some ready to eat things. Curt left the bag with the ready to eat things in the car and made pasta and some sort of chili. It was only when he was complaining and I listed the other options that we realized the bag was still in the car with meat and frozen things. Luckily, we got it in time.

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