Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hypnobirthing in Korea

My Hypnobirthing class starts Sunday, August 24 and runs for 5 weeks. Each class is 2.5-3 hours. The instructor is a certified instructor from Australia and used Hypnobirthing for the birth of her third child. Classes are taught in her home in Hannamdong. The cost for the class is 630,000 won. This session will run fro August 24 - September 15. The session after that will start mid-October. If you are interested, contact Patricia Cumming at or call 010-6820-0701.


Blacktating said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the program. I managed to get through labor without drugs and for me, it wasn't very difficult. However, the idea that birth can be pain free...well, I am dubious. I went into it with just about the best attitude that you could have and I wasn't scared, but it did hurt. I was fine up until transition, which took about 2 hours, and was painful. Nothing you can't handle, but still. It hurt!

Cairo Mama said...

I will put updates as I go through the class and let you know how the labor goes.

Since I am doing a VBAC and there is a lot of opposition to overcome, I need all the confidence I can get. Also, the calmer you are, the less likely you are to deal with interventions. I am like a first time mother because I never had contractions or the experience of labor.

jaenipo said...

I'm a mom living in Seoul with a hypno-home-birthed, cloth diaper wearing, breastfeeding baby girl of now 11 months. Seems like we're on the same wavelengths~^^ I just came across your blog and will be back for some advice!

If you want to connect, my blog is here: