Monday, April 30, 2007

Product Review: Warm Belly Baby Wet Suit

Ian has been freezing in Water Babies to the point where he turns blue. The class is only a half an hour long, but he is so cold that he can't relax. To solve this problem, I bought a baby wet suit from Warm Belly. For about $40, I got the wet suit, a head band and shipping. We've had two classes with the wet suit and the change is remarkable. He is kicking his legs like a champ and will even relax on his back. A half an hour is still about all he can take, but he is able to enjoy it now.

******Updated on June 23, 2008:

Ian is now 21 months old and in size 2T. His Warm Belly Wetsuit still fits and is still in good shape. It was worth every penny. The suit is made of neoprene, the same material that scuba divers use. It is much different than what is available at your average mall. It does not have a built-in floatation device, so it does not interfere with the child learning to swim. I highly recommend this product.


Doug S said...

Thank you for this review. I'm thinking of getting my 5 year old daughter a wet suit and wanted to know what people thought of the Warm Bellies wet suits.

Mama Seoul said...

I'd definitely recommend this if she is could in the pool. It made a huge difference for my son!

Vicki Weathers said...

Went online and found warm belly for my 2 year old grand daughter. She was freezing in our pool. Bought the suit and this is the 1st time she hasn't turned blue. Swimming for 2 hours now and she's having a ball. Love warm belly!

Beautiful Toy Ground said...

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