Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Take the Mama Out of Seoul, But You Can't Take the Soul Out of the Mama

We are leaving Seoul and moving back to the US. What will I call myself? I think I'll keep MamaSeoul until I figure that out. We are going to a Philadelphia, but will be hanging out with family for a few months. Will the blog survive this move? I don't know. I've been neglecting the blog because I finally surrendered to the dark side of Facebook.

Out with the Old, In with the New

I was finally able to retire my Ergo purse today. It's totally worn out. My friend, Rachel, had one that she never used so she graciously gave it to me. I like hers better. It is a little less sporty than mine. I won mine as part of the Ergo calendar contest. It is supposed to clip onto the belt of the Ergo as a travel system, but I always overload mine and just carry it as a purse. I like it because my id is easily accessible and it has a clip for my keys (which I can never find otherwise).

Recently, I ordered a Julie Apple Mobomini which will hopefully work for me keeping my essentials together.