Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Take the Mama Out of Seoul, But You Can't Take the Soul Out of the Mama

We are leaving Seoul and moving back to the US. What will I call myself? I think I'll keep MamaSeoul until I figure that out. We are going to a Philadelphia, but will be hanging out with family for a few months. Will the blog survive this move? I don't know. I've been neglecting the blog because I finally surrendered to the dark side of Facebook.


*shell* said...

Good luck with your move!!

HoSu said...

How about Phetal in Philly?

AME said...

This is a neat blog I kinda stumbled upon it by accident and while I totally understand that this is weird I'm going to ask anyways. I didn't have time to read all your blog but I read a few older post about Montessori. It sounds like you did a lot of searching for Montessori schools while you were in Korea and I'd like to know if you had found any good schools you would reccomend. I'm planning on going abroad to teach and as I'm a Montessori trained teacher that is what I am looking for. Unfortunately I"m falling flat trying to find anything in Korea and would love some school names to try and research! Sorry for the randomness of the question, I'm looking for any help I can get!