Sunday, August 24, 2008

Need to FLY Again

Got to get back in the FLY Lady routine. There are things I need to do for myself like Kegels, Spinning Babies Exercises, exercising, getting the dog exercised, making dinner and keeping the house from being a total disaster that I just can't manage. The short time that I did the FLY Lady system, I was much more successful. It usually takes several attempts to fully implement. You build your routines slowly to prevent burnout, but going on vacation throws everything off as well.

If you are struggling with getting things done, check out FLY Lady. The people this works for are not lazy, but don't like structure. The system teaches you to embrace routine/structure and shows you how it is liberating because you don't have to think about what you should be doing but don't want to do, you just do it, automatically. It takes a lot less time that way. It is hard, because, like exercising, even though I feel better when I am doing it, getting started and sticking with it is hard. You have to do it consistently until it becomes a habit for it to be relatively painless. Still, it is nice to have the floor cleaned up when I walk in the house. Even though Ian takes everything out again, picking things up a few times a day does make a difference psychologically. It is nicer for Curt when he comes home as well. It is calmer and more inviting. With Curt's late hours, I really need to cook dinner more, or at least do the prep instead of waiting for him to get home and asking him,"What are you making for dinner?" I have been doing better with that. I definitely think menu planning would be good for me. If I plan meals for the week before I go shopping, I can make sure I buy and use all the ingredients. We can (and do) eat leftovers so I don't even need 7 meals. We eat the same things for breakfast everyday, so that is easy and we usually eat leftovers for lunch, so the key is making dinner several times a week.

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Connie said...

I like that flylady is flexible. Yes, she gives you routines, and that is good, but I already have my own that I prefer, and that fits too. I like (I NEED) the advice about burning out and how to avoid it! I can sometimes get too absorbed in one task - hit burn out on that AND fall behind on others. I find her reminders to TAKE IT EASY, set the timer, etc. are what really help me. I've started taking 'crochet' breaks.. I haven't crocheted regularly in years :-)