Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mini Me

I have really been enjoying my very cold water from my American refrigerator. I don't even need to add ice, though I have been using the ice on my head for my sinus headaches. Now Ian is refusing to drink room temperature water. He says,"No. Cold water." He let his cold water sit too long so I had to add some ice to his sippy. Now he is happy.

He prefers to drink from glass, not plastic (just like me). We bought him some heavy-bottomed, small glasses which are sometimes acceptable to him and sometimes not. He wants the big glass like we have. He prefers his stainless steel water bottle to his plastic sippys.

He is a very adventurous eater, but he does not like potatoes unless they are potato chipped or french fried. Just like me. Although, as I've gotten older, I like mashed, and herb roasted as well. I still don't like baked potatoes unless they are covered in chili, cheese, sour cream and that sort of thing.

I took the leftover roast beef and roasted potatoes and made a crock pot shepherd's pie. Ian picked the vegetables out and ate them and requested pasta. My little man!

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Connie said...

Kids definitely come with their own personalities, but they can't hide their genes. It is fascinating to see them naturally start doing something that you or your husband do.