Friday, August 22, 2008

More on the Midwife

I got the midwife's e-mail and was able to communicate more with her about the possibility of going back to the States to have my VBAC. She sent me this article to read which was very inspirational.

When I made a list of the pros and cons of each of my birthing options, American Army hospital, Korean hospital or midwife attended birth in the US , it became clear that I need to go back to the States. There are too many factors I don't feel that I can control over here (like who delivers me and what the policies are) and I don't have a lot of support. I have wonderful new friends here, but not anyone who I feel I could ask to watch Ian and Roxxy, especially since many of my new friends are pregnant. I do think I could find someone to do it because the military community is very supportive, but I would still feel like I am imposing. In the US, I will have my family and my friend, Heather.

Back in the States, though I have the expense and hassle of traveling back, I will have support of family and a confident provider. The only factor I can't control is my labor, but the midwife's philosophy is that you don't have to control labor, you let it happen and work with it. So, as long as my surgical report from Ian's birth shows they did what they said they were going to do and I stay healthy, I am going back.

Now the next decision is when and whether to take Roxxy. I am thinking of going back for a short visit in late September or early October. If I take Roxxy then, I could take her to Georgia where she could stay with my sister and her boxer, Teddy. She wants Roxxy to come because she thinks it will be easier to deal with two dogs than one since she is in school. She has a nice big, fenced in yard and she runs because she has joined the Army so she can keep them exercised better than we can in an apartment. We are supposed to be moving to Pyongtek where we will have a yard. We could bring her back after the baby is born (May 2009) or after we move, probably Fall 2009. She would be gone a year. In all honesty, if the arrangement was working out, it might be more. It is terrible to think about my Roxxy being away, but she would be loved and well taken care of there. I don't believe in abandoning animals, but she would not be out of the family and her mental health would be better. We would need to hire a dog walker or make some other kind of arrangement if she stays after I go because Curt is gone too long during the day.

Now that I write this, it would be ideal to take her back in early October. Curt may be able to take leave before his Hawaii trip in October so he could be with us to help get the dog moved. The October trip would allow us to meet with the midwife in person and probably get my records from Ian's birth easier than trying to do it by phone and mail. If Ian and I have to make the trip in January by ourselves it will be a lot easier if the dog is already with my sister.

Things will fall into place. I need to start working on my posture now. Poor posture is related to poor baby positioning. I am a sloucher. Working on it, though!


Anonymous said...


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You might want to add it to your links page as well.
good luck


Connie said...

Your midwife seems to have a good philosophy. I understand your wanting to be with family but such moving around is tough. Worth the 'prize' at the end of it all though!! Keep that good attitude.. and sit up straight!

;-) just trying to help! ;-)

Cairo Mama said...

I'm trying. It is is constant struggle to remember posture, but at least I am aware of it this time.