Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toddler Bowling

After a long walk with Roxxy, Ian in the stroller, another dog, another woman with a baby n the stroller and a 5 year old on a scooter, we went bowling. They put rails in the gutters to prevent gutter ball and have a metal ramp where the child puts the ball and pushes it. It is a great set up because the little ones always knock at least a few pins down.

Toddler bowling takes a lot of parental involvement to make sure they don't take each other's turns and are careful with the heavy balls. Aside from a few tantrums from waiting for each other, it was a lot of fun. At this age (2-3), they don't realize the score (good thing because Ian lost, but he was also the youngest). They just like to play.

Think I will do his birthday there!


Christine said...

How fun! But I want you to know that I bowl with the gutter rails up. :)

Connie said...

Something about rolling a big ball across a room is so fascinating to little kids! I am sure he'll have a fun birthday party.

One thing we miss by being overseas, is some of the new tech. We went bowling at a nice place in OK, and the gutter rails were automatic. They'd pop up when the computer said it was the kids' turns, down when it was adults' turns. I hadn't seen that before and I thought it was great for a mixed, older and younger, family outing.

Cairo Mama said...

This wasn't high tech. They were manually placed, but like Christine, my own bowling could benefit from the rails! There were four kids bowling so it was all they could do to wait for each other. If the parents bowled too that would have put them over the edge completely. Still, if we go as a family by ourselves we will probably bowl with the rails up!