Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Desperate Dog

My dog peed on my foot today. In the elevator. Because some Koreans in my building freaked out when they saw her and she got scared and peed. She is a big dog and a big baby. She is sensitive and lonely.

When she was a puppy, I lived in DC. She used to strut down the street and people would stop there cars to comment on her beauty. When someone passed her without commenting, she stomped her front paws and made a sound like,"Humph!" She was so confident. Then, we moved to Egypt, where people think dogs are dirty (but have you smelled a camel or a donkey?) She was really freaked out. Now we are in Korea where people don't seem to like big dogs and she is super freaked out again.

I need to find a dog park or dog club or kennel club to take her. She needs to run and socialize. Anyone out there know of a place? Anyone have a dog who wants a playdate with my dog?

I did a little search and it looks like there might be a dog area by Children's Grand Park and a cafe by the Hyatt Hotel where dogs can play. I need to find out how to get there and check it out.It is the Bau House Cafe. The site is in Korean so I need a translation. Anyone else have suggestions?


Sarah said...

The dog cafe (bau house?) is in Hongdae (Hongik University area). Looks like it's easiest to go to Sangsu Station (brown line 6) and take exit #6 (that's the subway exit in the lower left hand corner of the map.

Don't know about your dog (he's so cute by the way!), but Children's Grand Park would be a great place to take Ian for the day. Free entrance, and they have a little zoo, some rides, stuff like that. I got married there, actually.

Connie said...

People can be so ignorant about animals! Some of the sweetest dogs I've ever known are big ones, usually because they are the ones that are well-socialized and trained. Owners of small dogs sometimes think they can get away with pampering and spoiling their dogs, which is why I think little dogs got their 'annoying' reputation. I've had to deal with people freaking out over Misty. He is a BIG cat with big eyes. But he's a loving baby too - how could they be so scared?? The worse he could do is hop on your lap to nudge head-bump 'kisses' under your chin.

Maybe you could get a pretty/cute/or funny collar for Roxxy? Or a silly toy to carry? Something for people to focus on besides BIG DOG! My Aunt used to have a HUGE dog. Mix breed, looked like a german shepard (physical shape, he had an all-black coat), size of a great dane (no kidding). She had him carry her purse, and that helped big ol' Deacon Jones charm everyone they met.

I guess, in the end, it will only be patience that will help. Smile when you see the silly people - most people know that nice people have nice dogs. Poor Roxy! I would pet her and give her attention!

Blacktating said...

When I lived in Queens, I found a lot of my Asian neighbors (particularly the Indian ones) were scared of my dog, a pomeranian. He is the sweetest thing, but he was a puppy and like your dog knew how cute he was and wanted everyone's undivided attention. If people didn't acknowledge him he would prance around them in a circle. He nearly gave half my neighbors a heart attack and he was just a teeny little ball of fluff!

Cairo Mama said...

Very cool that you got married at the Children's Grand Park, Sarah. I'm going to have to check out that cafe. Can you take a doctor on the metro or will I need to figure out how to drive there?

Roxxy has lost her mojo. She doesn't believe she is beautiful anymore.

I put a note up on the Yongsan Playgroups list and I've got a potential playdate lined up with a pug. She might be too big for the pug, though, but at least it is an invitation. I have seen other boxers on base. I am going to need to stop the owners and give them my card. In Egypt, Roxxy had playdates at the DPM's house (big gorgeous yard) because the DPM had a boxer. Also the RSO had two boxers and she had playdates with them as well. We also had a ground floor place with a private yard. We were taken with the view and nice kitchens and bathrooms in this apartment here in Seoul. The houses they were showing us were old and not renovated. It just isn't going that well.

E- a lot of people have little dogs here that they dress up in clothes and push in baby carriages, so I think the small dogs have an easier time, but they probably still get stuff from people. I know it is a cultural issue and we are not in our own dog-loving country, but it is still hard.

I told my husband that we have until we go back to the States to make her happy or we need to take her to Georgia to stay with my sister and her dog until we move to a house.

minstage said...
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minstage said...

I'm happy to come your blog by accident.
Because I'm finding out foreign friends who have a baby and live in Seoul.
Actually, I would like to find out someone who want exchange language for our baby.
In favor, could you recommand the community of them who want teach Korean to their kids, please?
Or if you know somebody wants, please contact with me.

About dog cafe which is near Hongdae, if you want, I will send you the map by e-mail.

Cairo Mama said...

The map would be great! The Seoul International Women's Club Newcomer's meeting is happening on August 20 at 10am.

SIWA is a good place to meet people who might want to do a language exchange.