Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Awesome New Friend!

I met my new friend, Sarah, for lunch today. Sarah came to Korea from Canada for a year-long teaching adventure and six years later she is still here, married to a Korean, writing English teaching materials and expecting baby #1. She is a great resource because she doesn't have a foreign government or company to rely on so she has to find things here. She is an expert online shopper and while you do need a Korean ID to shop online, you can have a Korean friend help you. There are great deals and usually free shipping online. I am really excited to here about a new line of Korean pocket diapers. Sarah found the company online, but says they have stores around. I can't wait to go shopping with her for the diapers, maternity and baby stuff!

Sarah is also a knitter. See here successfully-knit booties here. I have yet to successfully knit booties due to an increase-disaster. Luckily, I've met Sarah, so she can help me.

Another great thing about Sarah, is that she is having her baby here in Korea at a Korean hospital. Even though, I am pretty sure I am going back to the States, I am happy to know Sarah's experience to share on this blog for other expectant foreign mothers.

It is so important to get beyond your little group when you are in a foreign country. You learn so much from each group: military/government/Embassy; expats on business; English teachers and let's not forget the locals! It can be hard to get to know Koreans. Egyptians are extremely friendly, sometimes it can be too much! Koreans are shyer. Meeting through activity groups and foreign spouses of Koreans are good ways to break in.

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