Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Won a Prize in the Blacktating Blogiversary Celebration!

One of my favorite breastfeeding-related bloggers, Elita of Blacktating just celebrated her Blogiversary with a contest and I won the $50 gift card to One Hot Mama. Because this was unexpected, I decided to treat myself and buy whatever I liked instead of trying to buy the most practical thing. I picked this nursing top from Japanese Weekend.

I've heard great reviews of Japanese Weekend, but have never ordered anything due to the cost. However, I figured that now is my chance to try it out and judge for myself whether the pieces are worth the cost. They had size XS, which is often hard to find. Even size S (in maternity/nursing) is often too big for me. I am not that small (34C) but the way my body is shaped or something makes it hard to fit. In fact, I am giving away some nursing pjs that I got in size S and some in size M because that was what the size chart showed I should order, but they never really fit right. Anyway, I've learned to size down when I am on the borderline. It doesn't always work, I am a size M in the Bravado Body Silk (also carried by One Hot Mama) but I was fortunate enough to try that on in person while I was still in Erie at the St. Vincent Nursing Boutique.

While I was checking out the nursing wear at One Hot Mama, I found Roxanne's One Hot Mama Blog. Roxanne is an actress, wife and mother of four as well as running the One Hot Mama store (in LA) with her husband Bob. The blog has great posts about maternity/nursing fashion, breastfeeding questions/advice, attachment parenting, and her acting gigs. It is a great read!

But, I won't keep the winning to myself, One Hot Mama has provided a discount code to Blacktating readers for 10% off your order. Check here for that code and a few others.

I do need to take a little time to plug the Blacktating Blog. The tagline to her blog is "breastfeeding news and views from a mom of color". The information she posts is relevant to all nursing moms, but she actively promotes images of black women nursing (something very often lacking on other sites) and tackles issues specific to nursing moms of color. One great features of her blog is the Friday 5 that contains links to five breastfeeding-related studies, quotes or news items of the week. So, if you are nursing, or thinking about it, check out the Blacktating blog.

Thanks, Elita, for the wonderful surprise. It helped to brighten an otherwise downer of a day, yesterday.


Elita said...

Thanks for the great post about my blog! It is nice to know people enjoy it.
I am so thrilled that you won the GC and I can't wait to hear your review of the top. It's gorgeous! Enjoy it!

Roxanne Beckford Hoge said...

You are a real treasure, and I am glad you won the gift certificate and are using it for a fun thing, instead of something practical! I am pretty small as well, and I try to carry lots of options in the 2/4 range because that's completely missing elsewhere.

I loved your posts about talking about choices and dealing with doctors. I had my twins drug-free, but that involved months of negotiation with my doc (hospitals REQUIRE twins are delivered in an O.R.) and educating myself and working hard to keep myself healthy and get my twins to term. (They were born at 3 hours shy of 39 weeks!). Because I'm 5'2", every person, and I mean, every one, who knew I was pregnant with twins told me that I'd have to have a section. You really have to be very active about not absorbing that info.

And so many friends have been talked in c-sections for their "giant" 7 and 8 pound babies that I wish I had a dollar for each one! We do the best we can with the information we have at the time -- but a lot of us could get a lot more info. Thanks so much for the link to Bishop's score. That's a keeper, although at four kids, I'm done!

Mama Seoul said...

It is amazing that you went drug-free with twins! Not amazing because it is impossible to do, but amazing that you were able to find the right support team and weren't beaten down by scare tactics.

Sarah said...

Awesome top. Yay for buying something you've been wanting!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.