Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yes, This is Another Post About Real Estate

I thought we were in the clear on this whole real estate deal, but we got a call today that the apartment failed inspection because there was a leak behind the walls from both of the bathrooms and major renovation needed to be done or the walls might collapse. Curt went over to look at it and talk about our options. We noticed that the wall paper was peeling back on one of the walls when we looked at the place. I am not sure if they found the problem when they were trying to repair it or if they did an actual inspection, but there are major problems.

After some discussion, we decided that we would moved our stuff to the apartment on Saturday, but move into a hotel until July 12 when the repairs are scheduled to be completed. The landlord will give us money to pay for the hotel. If we stay in the apartment while they try to do the repairs, it will take much longer, be messy, noisy and annoying. We'll be able to have access to our stuff while they are doing the repairs, but they don't want us to unpack. At least we will be able to assess our furniture needs for the new space.

My sister is coming on July 2 and Curt is leaving on July 5 so we are going get a second hotel room during the overlap because 5 people in one room will be a little tight. We are just going to stay at the Dragon Hill on Post since it will be close to the apartment, close to the hospital for Kate's shadowing and close to Ian's activities.

We will be losing some money on this deal because we'll have to eat out a lot, but with the hotel covered, it won't be that bad. I'm glad we won't have to figure out storage for our stuff. Small favors.


AM said...

Ok- we'll have you over to dinner at least once, and you are welcome to come over to cook anything you want to (muffins? stuff like that that can keep?) whenever. We'll consider it a working playdate. :)

SO SO sorry you have to live in a hotel, but at least you can move your stuff in your apartment and have access. That is a big stress relief.

Question: Any other apartments in City Park available or was that the only one?

PS. tired of changing my blog account everytime I comment, so now you know my "other" name.

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks! Curt's friend and co-worker lives in the little house by Gate 10 and will be out of town the whole time. Curt thinks he knows where the keys are so we think we are going to cook there and do laundry there. Hopefully that will work out since it is walking distance from the Dragon, but it is so nice of you to offer as well!

Tan said...

Good luck. Ah, moving house (twice) its just like giving birth except with more extrusions!

sharon said...

Great that you've finally found a new place! Let me know if you need help with the unpacking, Emma loves taking things out of boxes. :P