Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving in Korea, Part III: Panic Room

The big reveal. Curt went to the new place and I stayed at the old place until they were done. When I got to the new place, the damage caused a slow panic. Exhaustion delayed the full panic reaction which came late that night. A sampling of what we are dealing with:


MommyCha said...

Oh my goodness that looks awful! Water damage and mold was what spurred us to move 2.5 years ago.. The lady upstairs in the Villa had her washing machine overflow and never reported it.She just tried to mop it up and it seeped down into all the walls of our apartment and started growing wet patches all over the walls! We moved out a few weeks later because we were trying to get pregnant and didn't want to risk our health. I hope that you guys find a solution soon, mold can be such a tricky thing to deal with. We're sending good vibes your way! HUGS!

AM said...

oh my. Thats a lot of mold.