Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Scoop on Poop

As potty training continues, Ian has almost total control over pee. He can hold it. He knows when he has to go. He "pees like a big boy" now which is easier when we are out in public. He doesn't wet himself during naps and wakes up dry most mornings.

Poop is another story. Everyone I meet says that poop takes longer to master. Ian's first week of potty training involved lots of pooping on the potty and lots of pee accidents. By the end the first week, he was doing great with pee and regressed on poop. We've just held fast to the plan and had him help clean up. Lately it has been like a see saw with one day great like yesterday (3 times on the potty) and the next day rough (several times in the underwear). However, I still believe we are making progress. Today, he went to a playdate and pooped in his underwear. I got him on the potty and he pooped more in the potty. I thought I was safe, but before we left, he had pooped in his underwear again. He skipped his nap so he asleep in the chair after dinner. When I went to carry him to bed, ugh! More poop in the underwear! I woke him up and we got him cleaned up. Then I asked him if he had more poop in there. He said,"no", but after a few minutes he went and sat on the potty,"I made an 'e' poop. The letter 'e'!"

My first reaction,"It does kind of look like the letter 'e'".

And then, to myself, I thought,"This is truly a shitload! Thank you, watermelon."

And finally, out loud,"Thank you, Ian, for putting it in the potty."

Ian has been potty training for 7 weeks and for the most part, he is pretty reliable in public. He even pooped on the potty at hourly day care last week. I'm glad we have the rest of the summer to work on it before I have to deal with heavier clothes. I'm glad pee was so easy and will just try to be patient until he gets the poop.


Sarah said...

That's so funny! the letter e! It's like seeing pictures in the clouds, but in poop! :D

MKM said...

It's a cute story - and yay for Ian! Seems like progress to me!

Amynf said...

That was funny and I am kind of dreading this myself! Although it will be nice to not change diapers anymore, hmmm....