Friday, June 19, 2009

Impending Eviction!

We are to be out on June 27. The problem, we don't have a place to go. The place we wanted to go gave us the runaround. In order for the US Government to rent a place, the owner has to have the property document and because construction is still on-going, they won't have it until mid-July. The place hasn't been evaluated for fair market value, either so that will add more time. The real estate agent said we could move in sometime in September, but then said we couldn't afford it. The story keeps changing. Finally, we went to the housing office and they called the bank. The bank sold our unit and if they can't turn it over by the end of June, they have to pay substantial penalties so that is why they want us out so desperately.

Our choices:

1. Jump through some hoops to take the house in Hannam and hope he really does renovate the garage.

2. Take an apartment in the complex near our current one. It is large and pretty nice, but doesn't have nearly the view of our current places, lacks the amenities (which we really didn't use), and no one knows how to get here.

3. Move into temporary housing and put our stuff in storage and try to find something else.

4. Call other real estate agents like mad and try to get another place and moved by next week.

We also need the government to come take the government furniture back. hope that can be scheduled next week. Yikes! Trying not to freak. Yoga breaths. Remembering to be a light.

After talking it through calmly with my husband, we are going to try to make option #1 work. Tomorrow, we are going to the house to tell him which furniture we want him to leave and what we want him to take out. I think the fact that it is furnished is a good sign, because we don't have livingroom furniture. Also, he has a child's bed and night table that we will keep as Ian moves into his first room. The rest, he can take out.

The reasons I like the house:

1. It has enough space in the right places for our stuff.

2. It has livingroom furniture. It isn't what I would pick out, but it is nicer than the mauve government couch we have now and have to return.

3. It has a layout that will enable us to provide a gentle transition for Ian into his own room.

4. We can grill out. Curt really likes to grill and I know we will take advantage of this benefit of having a house.

5. If we have to bring the dogs (if we bring Roxxy back, we will probably take my sister's dog, Teddy as well) back from the States, we will have a little yard for them.

6. It is walking to distance to restaurants and cafes, Soonchunhyung Hospital (perhaps for baby #3 or backup hospital for homebirth of baby#3--not pregnant, just planning), Hannam Village and public transportation. I think the metro stop is a bit of a hike, but the bus goes right by there so it is accessible for visitors. It will be easy to tell people where we live.

7. It is very close to a complex where a group of my friends live so we can get together more often with them.

8. It is fairly close to the base. It took us 12 minutes drive to get from the house to the base during rush hour.

9. It is pretty from the outside. I'll post pictures once the deal is done.

The things I don't like:

1. Parking is tricky. If he fixes the garage, this will help, but I am still going to have to improve my driving skills and I will probably scrape some more paint of the 'ole Hyundai in the process of learning, but that is o.k. I know in advance.

2. The kitchen and bathroom aren't super spectacular, but they are nice. The kitchen is large at least.

3. The stone steps are treacherous, but you can enter the house from inside the garage.

4. The prospect of dealing with an individual landlord instead of a management company is a little scary, but could potentially be much better.

5. We are going to have to handle the trash by ourselves. Korea requires extensive separation and recycling. We just take our unsorted recycling down to the trash area of the parking garage and the building guys sort it. But, this is small. We can handle it.

6. I'm afraid about the cost of utilities. They are built into the the rental agreement so I hope things work out so it covers it all. They increased the amount for the utilities so we should be covered.

I really hope the house works out. After listing my likes and dislikes, my likes are much stronger. So, my plan for the next week:

1. Meet with new landlord to tell him which furniture we want to keep.

2. Arrange pick-up of government furniture and appliances.

3. File loose papers and try to get rid of some unnecessary items.

4. Buy grill.

5. Move.

My sister is coming for a month-long visit on July 2. So we'd really better get this done quickly and not end up on the street!


Amynf said...

Wow, it's times like this that I like being Army and living on post (when we have the option). We were lucky enough to find a house here in Dongducheon, huge yard, private road, no where near a highway. It's old and small but perfect for the three of us. Good luck with everything! Seoul is certainly it's own monster (that I don't miss since I am really not the city girl type anyway).

AM said...
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packfamily said...

Oh my gosh you have a lot to do is a short period of time. Especially with your sister coming! WOw! The house (a house!! with a grilling area!!!) sounds great.

If you need any help with anything, let me know!

Mama Seoul said...

Thanks, Chalica. We'll have you over to grill when we get set up.

Mama Seoul said...

Amy- I wish we could live on post as well. Post housing isn't that great in and of itself, but the convenience is great.

Amynf said...

I agree, on post housing here isn't great but the convenience factor makes up for it. I do miss that about Yongsan. I hope you figure something out that works for you. I have moved 5 times in the last 2.5 years so I know how much finding a place you can live with means when you are going to be there a while.

MommyCha said...

I hope things work out for you guys!
Dealing with a landlord can be hit or miss, I admit. Our last one, horrible to say the least. His wife was even worse! Then we met our new landlady, and she was half of the reason we moved to this apartment! Hopefully your landlord will be a good one!
AS for the grilling, hehehe, my husband loves to grill and says you are welcome to come grill with us anytime! We missed you at the BBQ but we can do a small family get-together anytime!

Weve said...

I live in Hannam-dong, perhaps quite close to where you will be living (although not nearly as nice of a place). This neighborhood is wonderful. Lots of international people = international food. If you were to use public transit there are around 10 different buses that take you all over the city. Great for visitors too!
The only draw back is that they are building a new set of apartment buildings in the location where there used to be a university (can't remember the name of it) and so the traffic is about to get much busier as it looks like there will be at least 10 buildings.

Mama Seoul said...

More drama! Another agent called and has a unit available in the new complex but it is not available until July 15. The renovations on the garage (for the house) won't be done until at least July 5 and C is afraid they aren't going to do it right. The agents said we could move when they finished the reno on the garage but now that this other unit is available, maybe we should try to get it. C will be gone when we have to move if we wait to get into that place. Oh the torture!

Mama Seoul said...

Hope to make it out to Bucheon this summer after we get settled.